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Our Work


Every day, people in Douglas County struggle with issues that may seem impossible to solve. Limited access to health services. Lack of education. Financial instability and poverty.  Discrimination. These are tough problems that threaten the future of individuals and our community. But there is hope. There’s United Way.

The United Way of Douglas County is fighting for everyone in every part of Douglas County. We’re providing struggling children with reading mentors. We’re connecting people experiencing homelessness with the services they need to get back on their feet. We’re providing job-skills training to shift the odds for unemployed youth. And we’re advocating for, and implementing, policies to protect the safety net. 
We are more than the fundraisers. We are the problem solvers, the game changers. We are the community builders. We surround a community’s most critical problems—and we fight. With our Community Impact and business partners, we’re offering hope and help where it’s needed the most.
We are UNITED for Douglas County.