Community Navigators


Community Resource Navigators 

guidanceAs a bridge between service providers and participant communities, Housing Advocates and Resource Navigators link community members to the local landscape of service providers to improve their access to housing and other resources. However, their role is not solely referring.  Rather, this position is also tasked with the responsibility to listen, advocate, and act on behalf of the communities that they support. In this way,  Navigators and Advocates  are active in the systems individuals are navigating, changing the service provider landscape as much as they are using it to support participants. Navigators and Advocates  can also be a link between service provider and marginalized communities, driving change through collective understanding and participation. An example of this is the ways in which a Housing Advocate must maintain relationships with landlords to be familiar with available rental units, while also working with tenants to hold landlords accountable to fair housing practices.

Two critical and key elements of this program are (1) care coordination and collaboration; and (2) actively removing systemic barriers to access by going beyond a transactional relationship towards a transformative partnership. This program addresses the adaptive challenges of a siloed human service landscape of service provision with embedded barriers to access for those who experience the most systemic marginalization. Navigators and Advocates work within systems to truly advocate for and serve participants in a partnership towards their holistic success and empowerment. Through advocacy and access, this program advances social justice and liberation.

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