Group Volunteer Projects


 A Group of VolunteersThe most common and impactful way to volunteer is individually, on a regular basis, with a well organized nonprofit agency or initiative. Group volunteering can also be effective though, when well thought out, but it takes organizations a lot more time and effort to put together these kinds of projects, so you'll want to keep this in mind when looking for opportunities for your group. Volunteering as a group can also be done to build teamwork skills, enhance employee morale, and set an example of selflessness and community engagement. For all of these reasons we are committed to providing and identifying great group volunteer projects that can make positive impacts for those involved and those we seek to help throughout Douglas County.

 Agencies who utilize groups 

There are many agencies in Douglas County where groups can volunteer. Visit our volunteer website to find the most up to date list of agencies and current listings of opportunities.

United Way of Douglas County (

 build a kit for your community 

A common group volunteer project found at United Ways across the country, a kit is a concentrated bundle of resources that is specially designed to address a common need among a vulnerable population. The key to making these kits effective is paying attention to what individuals in our community need and finding a way to assemble them that is cost effective and sustainable. You'll find a full list of our available kits here. You can sign up to assemble kits (average cost per kit is $5-$15) or request information on how best practice for running a donation drive for supplies to assemble kits.

For a sponsorship fee, United Way orders and ships all supplies to your facility, coordinates a virtual presentation and identifies the recipient(s).

Limited Service
United Way will provide helpful tools and shopping lists and then your organization is responsible for securing the products.



Essential items for individuals struggling with financial stability, these kits contain needed basics like tooth paste, a tooth brush, shampoo, soap, a razor, and other simple necessities  that recipients can use to maintain a healthy lifestyle while working to achieve a more stable footing. These kits are a high demand item, packaged in a handy drawstring sack. All of the contents are included based on feedback from recipients and agencies that work with these populations, and the items are sourced in a way which is intended to be as cost effective and responsible as possible.

If you're interested in arranging for your group to raise funds, purchase supplies, and/or assemble hygiene kits, fill out our group project form

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For years we have provided these kits to help jumpstart young learners reading capabilities. The kits have varied in style and we are currently revamping them to make sure they align with our desired criteria for sustainability and effectiveness. The kits are annually distributed throughout Douglas County to schools and nonprofits that engage with young children. Some children grow up surrounded by books but others need a little help and we are hopeful that by taking home these kits with both reading materials, school supplies, and activities those children who are behind will have a chance to catch up and thrive just like their classmates.

If you're interested in arranging for your group to raise funds, purchase supplies, or assemble literacy kits, fill out our group project form!



​​Cold Weather Kits​​Cold WEather KITS:

Every year as the cold months arrive there is great concern in our community about those individuals who lack access to permanent shelter. We engage with others throughout our community to help these individuals, by always providing support to agencies like the Community Shelter in Lawrence, but also by working with local government and organizations to help run other winter shelter initiatives. For those individuals who won't find permanent housing or steady shelter before the coldest days of winter we also provide a range of resources. The cold weather kits are a new aspect of these efforts, and include a range of basic items that can help keep our most vulnerable neighbors safe from the harsh winter weather that Kansas is well known for. Gloves, hats, socks, etc. While these kits are only in demand during the winter months they are needed in such great quantity that we stockpile them throughout the year to distribute one the temperature drops.

If you're interested in arranging for your group to raise funds, purchase supplies, or assemble cold weather kits, fill out our group project form!


Workplace Volunteers

If your staff would like to volunteer we're here to make it easy and effective for you! Reach out to to find out what volunteer opportunities will best accommodate your team!