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Deadline to Apply: May 5, 2021
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Food, housing, and other basic needs are the foundations to bridges out of poverty, and are a key part of the equation for ending generational poverty. While systems change and upstream program design to address root causes is central in achieving our goal of ending generational poverty, basic human needs must always be met, and provide the building blocks for family stabilization.

Poverty alleviation is dependent on families’ abilities to successfully manage financial setbacks and build economic security. Key economic assets, including housing, food and nutrition assistance provide an important foundation for families as they work to build the skills that lead to better jobs and longer-term financial stability. Achieving greater stability allows lower-income working families to move toward financial independence. A revealing indicator of this level of stability is the percentage of lower income working families who spend more than 40 percent of their income on housing. This tenuous balance between income and housing costs gives a sense of the hardship faced by many as they attempt to pay for the single biggest expense for a typical family.

Family Stabilization grants are meant to provide direct assistance to low-income families to stabilize a financial crisis to prevent homelessness, utility shut-offs, the use of pay day lenders, and/or abusive or unsafe environments.  Our goal is that all Douglas County community members will have equitable access to a strong safety net of support, with food and housing first.



2021-2022 Family Stabilization Grants will be invested in programs that align with the following priority areas and are demonstrated to achieve the outlined objectives.


Equitable access to food and housing first, as foundation for family stabilization

Focus Areas

Healthy Food

Housing Stabilization


Increase food security & access to healthy food

Reduce homelessness

Investment Priority

Access to fresh, healthy food

Rent, mortgage, and utilities assistance, affordable housing, transitional housing, and emergency shelter.

Eligible Services

  • Food pantries & food banks
  • Served hot meals
  • Mobile food delivery
  • Transportation for healthy food access
  • Rent and mortgage assistance
  • Utilities assistance
  • Direct client financial supports to secure and stabilize housing
  • Emergency and safe shelter
  • Transitional housing
  • Permanent supported housing
  • Permanent affordable housing


For more information about specific eligibility criteria, investment goals, and the application process, please download the RFP Manual



Applications are due May 5, 2021



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