Dental Benefit Program

Delta Dental Community Benefit Program United Way-DELTA DENTAL COMMUNITY BENEFIT PROGRAM 

The United Way has partnered with Delta Dental to provide a community Dental Benefit Plan. This program provides two years of free dental insurance to any family with working adults or individual working adult living at 250% or below of the federal poverty limit. For information on enrolling in this community benefit plan, please contact Jasmine Bates, or call 785-843-6626 x. 1006.


  • Income less than or equal to 250% of the federal poverty line. 
  • Head of household must be employed. Self-employed individuals currently do not qualify.
  • Family members do not have access to dental insurance by more traditional means, e.g., employer, eligibility as a dependent, state of residence. 
  • Those enrolled in governmental dental programs are eligible for enrollment. 


how to apply:

Scan or take photos of the following completed forms and documents and send via email to


After Sending Your Application...

  • United Way will verify eligibility and notify you. If approved, the eligibility date will be provided along with a Welcome Brochure that may be printed and provided to the individual.  
  • If approved, you will receive a Delta Dental ID Card in the mail.  
  • Once eligible, the individual(s) covered may visit a dentist within the Delta Dental network. If you are determined eligible but have not received your card, you can have your dental office call Delta Dental to verify your coverage.


coverage details 

  • Delta Dental of KS (DDKS) covers up to $3,000 in dental claims.  Any treatment/claims over the $3,000 annual maximum will be the responsibility of the dental office and/or patient. 
  • 100% Diagnostic and Preventive, 100% Basic, 100% Major coverage 
  • $3,000 annual maximum
  • $5.00 per person/$10.00 per family yearly deductible
  • Patients can visit ANY in-network Delta Dental provider. 
  • Dependents covered up to age 26
  • 12 month program with coverage for up to 2 years. Eligibility requirements are reviewed on an annual basis.