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Delta Dental KS Community Benefit Program

The United Way has partnered with Delta Dental to provide a "Community Benefit Plan". This program provides two years of free dental insurance to any family with working adults living at 250% or below of the federal poverty limit. For informaion on enrolling in this community benefit plan, please email Lea Roselyn at 

  • Delta Dental of KS (DDKS) is covering up to $3,000 in dental claims.  Any treatment/claims over the $3,000 annual maximum will be the responsibility of the dental office and/or patient. 
  • 100% Diagnostic and Preventive, 100% Basic, 100% Major coverage 
  • $3,000 annual maximum
  • $5.00 per person/$10.00 per family yearly deductible
  • Patients can visit ANY in-network Delta Dental provider. 
  • Dependents covered up to age 26
  • 12 month program with coverage for up to 2 years. Eligibility requirements are reviewed on an annual basis. 


  • Families with income less than or equal to 250% of the federal poverty line. 
  • Head of household must be employed.
  • Family members do not have access to dental insurance by more traditional means, e.g., employer, eligibility as a dependent, state of residence. 
  • Those enrolled in governmental dental programs are eligible for enrollment. 



After Sending Enrollment Packet....

  • United Way will verify eligibility and notify the applicant.  If approved, the eligibility date will be provided along with a Welcome Brochure that may be printed and provided to the individual.  
  • The approved individual will receive a Delta Dental ID Card in the mail.  
  • Once eligible, the individual(s) may visit the dentist.