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2020 Workplace Campaign



When you join the  2020 Workplace Campaign , you are setting an example

for all of Douglas County and choosing to play an active part in both our

community's recovery and the United Way's ongoing fight against poverty.


 Watch our New Campaign Video: 

Running a Workplace Campaign is one of the easiest, and most impactful things a local business can do to help our community in any year. The 2020 Campaign is especially significant for so many reasons. Our community faces unprecedented challenges, our local businesses are experiencing a wide range of operational realities, and many workers are struggling with feelings of helplessness and heartache. By engaging your business in our Workplace Campaign you can help our community recover, through identifying a method which best suits your circumstances, and in a way which empowers your employees and celebrates your companies willingness to contribute.
We want to be able to engage with as many workplaces as possible even if they aren’t actively operational or at a place where running a workplace campaign is reasonable. By offering the same nominal status for different tiers of involvement we can help cultivate a general sense of broad participation and build relationships with businesses that want to make a difference in the community.
Tier 1: Running a Workplace Campaign 
The traditional and best tier of participation, this is where businesses will allow us to present to their staff and coordinate internal payroll deduction or giving campaign. Despite being the most involved tier of participation even within this tier we will want to stress that participation at any level is worthwhile. Giving modestly is still giving and we expect individuals to donate relative to their means. Even if a business is able and willing to run a Tier 1 campaign, they can still have individuals within their staff who choose to participate in a way more like Tier 2 or 3.
Tier 2: Corporate contribution or in-kind donation 
Staff capacity might be low, and a business might not feel comfortable asking their workers to donate, but that business can still contribute to the recovery by donating on behalf of their company or by contributing in some other way. Individualized to each industry we could see local businesses offering discounts to nonprofits, donating supplies or services, or hosting fundraiser tie-ins with their products.
Tier 3: Advocacy and signal-boosting 
When a company has nothing else to give, we are still happy to have them stand alongside us and encourage others to participate. This can be done through social media, physical signage, or distributed materials. For a restaurant or retail business this might be a flier in a shopping bag. For a local museum it might be sharing our message on Facebook or hanging a sign in their window. While not a true monetary contribution of any kind this effort will still help us reach more people and help drive participation.


Within a workplace or out among the community, United Way  campaign ambassadors  at as an extension of United Way staff and promote campaign participation! These volunteer roles are a crucial part of making the Workplace Campaign as effective as possible. All participating businesses and individuals are also requested to display this years 2020 Workplace Campaign  yard sign  to help encourage othes to join!

Click HERE to find our simple online payroll deduction webforms.



From the beginning of this crisis we have been focussed on the aftermath, knowing that the recovery would be hard, but we couldn't ignore the immediate needs of the community during the pandemic. We began our new  Farm to Fork  program to deliver locally grown produce to hungry families, to help keep our community healthy and support local farmers. We joined forces with USD497, the Lawrence chamber of commerce, and local restaurants, coordinating volunteers to hand out more than  64,000 meals  to area school children. We joined into a partnership with the Lawrence Restaurant Association to provide direct financial aid to struggling residents through  the Hospitality Workers Relief Fund.  We have served as the primary mask distribution site for all of Douglas County, giving away almost  5,000 FREE cloth face masks  to individuals and agencies throughout Douglas County. We administered a FEMA grant to disperse nearly  $100,000 to 10 local agencies.  Ontop of all of this we've also fully maintained funding for all of our partner agencies, and allowed them to repurpose that funding to adapt to whatever challenges may arise.



In addition to everything that we do ourselves, the main thing we utilize funds for is supporting initatives throughout our community that all help individuals to escape poverty. There is no one agency that can help our most vulnerable neighbors, we need a variety of programs and ogranizations working together toward a common goal. That's what the whole  "United"  part is about. 

Donating to the United Way is a great way to support a wide range of agencies throughout Douglas County. Because of the United Way's oversight you can trust that your donation is being used in the most effective way to help our community. All United Way programs are transparent, data informed, and equity oriented.  Our organization has an annual admin cost of 4.8%, well below the 15% industry standard. 
For more information contact: communications@unitedwaydgco.org