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Alive & Well Douglas County

Alive & Well Douglas County

We are a coalition of local trainers who provide free workshops to organizations and community members across the county. The Alive & Well Community trainers represent diverse Douglas County educational, social service, criminal justice, and health institutions working together to build a trauma-informed community. Alive & Well Douglas County is supported by United Way, Bert Nash, and Douglas County Mental Health.

Alive & Well Trauma Awareness training

This training provides an introduction on how trauma impacts social, emotional and health outcomes. The presentation explores

  • the prevalence and impact of trauma on children’s brain development;
  • the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACES);
  • how to help children and families recover from trauma;
  • what is behind many of the behaviors we see and how we can shift our perspective through the lens of trauma.

The training is 2-4 hours long, and can be conducted online and in person. All trainers have been certified to provide the Alive & Well Trauma Awareness Training by Alive & Well Communities.

The program is free of charge and open to the community, nonprofit, and public sectors. If you're interested in hosting a training for your group, please complete the training request form here.


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