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Laken's Story

Uninsured Get Health Care They Need to Get Back to Work

After a small slip lead to a broken hip and shattered pelvis, Lakin was hospitalized for 10 days, followed by three months in bed. To make his injury even more painful, Lakin was unable to work during his recovery and didn’t have insurance to help cover the mounting medical expenses.

To recover fully so he could get back to work, Lakin needed physical therapy. But every place he contacted cost more than he could afford.

He was angry and discouraged, until he discovered United Way community partners Health Care Access and VNA. HCA provided a medical home for Lakin, here he received physical therapy provided by VNA, made possible by United Way funding.

“I was able to do therapy twice a week,” said Lakin, who is now walking without a cane and back to work.  “It was a big relief to know they were willing to help me along.”

In the first half of 2016, United Way investment helped Health Care Access see 1,037 uninsured patients, for a total of 2,951 medical visits.