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Jill's Story

Jill Mignacca, University of Kansas

“I will never stop donating to the United Way because …they helped me get my life back.”

“I started my life over because of United Way funded agencies,” shares Jill Mignacca, office manager and graduate coordinator at the University of Kansas Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

Jill married young, to a man who began to mentally and physically abuse her. “He controlled everything,” she remembers. “I never had money, he kept me from my family, he controlled my hair, my clothes, my makeup. I wasn’t allowed to go into a dressing room by myself.”

Thanks to the help of several United Way community partners, Jill found the courage to flee and start her life over. Now, years later, she’s a newlywed, excited about her future and the opportunity to help others who are served by United Way’s 29 community partners.

 “I am so grateful for the opportunity to give back to the United Way because of all the ways they helped me get my life back. I wouldn’t be here today without it, and I have never forgotten that.”